After watching for the past 15 minutes I'm happy that things have returned to normal; page updates and message distribution are now as speedy as usual.

I've also made some headway on understanding the cause of the problem and putting together a strategy to prevent it in future. More on that to follow.

Thanks so much to everyone for being so understanding.

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Robert Rawlins

We've beefed up the infrastructure responsible for updating the status pages and distributing messages, and things seem to be looking much better now.

We're going to watch things closely for a little while and try to unpick what went wrong so we can prevent it from happening again.

I'll be in touch again shortly when we have some more useful insights.

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Robert Rawlins

Oh-oh, looks like we may have a few issues causing delays folks, we’re going to take a closer look, I’ll update you again shortly.

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Robin Geall
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