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  • Status Pages

    The page where your notices are displayed to your audience.

  • Management UI

    This is where you login and manage your status pages from.

  • Monitoring Automation

    Turning your monitoring alerts into friendly status page updates.

    • Pingdom Sync

      Synchronising check status from your Pingdom account.

    • Inbound Mail

      Receiving and processing monitoring alert emails from various providers.

  • Message Distribution

    Publication of your status notices via Email, Twitter and Slack.

    • Email

      Publishing of status updates to people subscribed via Email.

      • MailChimp

        Email messages distributed through the MailChimp integration.

      • Mailgun

        Email messages distributed through the Mailgun integration.

      • SendGrid

        Email messages distributed through the SendGrid integration.

    • Slack

      Publishing of status updates to people subscribed via Slack.

    • SMS

      Publishing of status updates to people subscribed via SMS

    • Twitter

      Publishing of status updates to your Twitter timeline.

    • Website Plugin

    Allows you to access data and update your status page from your own application, it also powers our website plugin.

Previous Incidents

[Resolved] Intermittent login issues

Began: Ended: Duration:
  • Management UI

We've had some reports from customers that they're receiving errors when trying to login to their account. We're looking in to what might be causing this. I'll be back with an update as soon as I know more.

Things are looking much more reliable now. It appears some of our servers had frozen, meaning that some requests were intermittently failing, preventing some people from logging in.

Keeping an eye on things, and reviewing ways to prevent it from happening again.

I'm happy things are now completely back to normal.

It seems that our monitoring did in fact detect the issue early on, however I didn't receive notifications and so was slow to respond. Completely my fault.

I'm going to try and improve our over-night notifications, to ensure I don't miss things again.

Sorry to those of you who couldn't login, I really appreciate you being so understanding.

[Resolved] Monitoring is showing degraded service, but the app is still accessible.

Began: Ended: Duration:
  • Status Pages
  • Management UI

Oh-oh, looks like we may have a few issues folks, we’re going to take a closer look, I’ll update you again shortly.

We've confirmed there is a problem, it looks like some intermittent problem with our DNS provider meaning routing of traffic for the app and status pages isn't reliable.

We're digging in to the issue and will update you again as soon as we know more...

Our DNS provider has now confirmed the issue, and they're working hard to get things back to normal.

Hopefully things will.gradually improve. I shall updated.

Our service provider.seem to now have things under control, so services have normal.

We'll review this properly next wee and see what we can it in future.

Thanks for understanding.

No further notices from the past 30 days.